About Us

About The Minds' Corp

A sense of pride is observed to tell you about us.

In the simplest of words, we are a well aided platform to closely knit creative freelancers into a professional network. We have a certain affinity towards artists, scientists and entrepreneurs. We take joy in co ordinating their vivid abilities and channelising them to see innovative ideas come to life.

We approach you with:

  1. The best of artists/freelances to passionately cater your needs. [which they do best]
  2. With best of technology and support always, to see the product full circle. [which we do the best]
  3. A constant exploration of new possibilities and new services. [interdisciplinary studies]


People and Things that we vouch for and who vouch for us.

Business Associates:

  • Nandana Organics
  • Ecomaniacs

Project Associates:

  • Norg Outreach -an agro outreach program
  • Vyoma -a clear thought education and resource management venture.
  • Ecomaniacs -a budding adventure firm, working fanatically towards clean n green nature

Our Team

Here are the nerds we talk so much about.


Skill Sets


Event Planning

Organic Farming


Skill Sets

Software Development




Skill Sets

Web design

Web application development